GRITS: Greater IPAC Technology Symposium


Friday, September 9, 2022

Cahill Hameetman Auditorium


8:30 Welcome and Introductions
8:35 JWST's Lesser-known Wavefront Sensor Alex Greenbaum
8:55 Packaging a Python Application for Distribution among Peers John Palmieri
9:15 Pop-up: Goal Seek! (Excel Tips) Patricia DeWitt and Ashlee Zhang
9:20 Deep Learning for Classifying NEO Surveyor Detections: Asteroid vs Comet vs Noise Milad Pourrahmani
9:35 Pop-up: Managing Project Parameters Milad Pourrahmani
9:45 Real-time Data Ingestion and Science Ready Data Products at the Keck Observatory Archive (KOA) Chris Gelino
10:05 Coffee Break
10:25 Science Instrument Autonomy: An Emerging Technology Ready to Enable New Mission Science Lukas Mandrake
11:05 Pop-up: How People Read Online, The Eyetracking Evidence Marcy Harbut
11:10 Pop-up: Using Python to Read and Write Excel Files Elena Scire
11:15 Docker Compose: Beyond Multi-container Applications Loi Ly
11:35 Pop-up: Development of the Grism/Prism Calibration Data Pipeline for the Roman Space Telescope Greg Walth
11:40 Lunch
1:00 Caltech Together: Responding to COVID-19 John Onderdonk
1:40 IPAC’s Science Platform Initiative Vandana Desai
2:00 Designing the LTB Mission Operations System or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Reviews Lee Bennett
2:20 Cross-matching Data to a Billion+ Objects in NED Dave Cook
2:40 Break
2:50 Documenting your Code with Python Type Hints  Keto Zhang
3:10 Life is Short: Adventures in Choosing from so Many (Too Many) Python Data Viz Packages Joe Mazzarella
3:30 State of Technology at IPAC Dave Flynn
4:10 End